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DIY: Shaded nails

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We all want to do something different to our nails every time we polish them .

So here we are with a simple yet awesome DIY for you nails..

You will need:

1. 3-4 shades of same colour of nail polish


3. Triangular sponge

4. Nail polish remover

How to do it:

Take a sponge and wet it in water, squeeze about 80% of the water.

Now quickly line the darkest shade of nail paint on the top twice and similarly keep applying the paints from darker to lighter shades each with two layers.

So this quickly so that polish does not dry.

Now place this sponge on a paper and dab it a bit to get rid of clear demarcations.

Place the sponge on you nail, don’t be afraid:) Just do it!

Clean the mess on the edges with a nail polish remover and cover the nails with a clear coat.

It doesn’t sound very simple but it is:)

Try different shades and tell us how it went. Share your pictures too 🙂



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