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Mothers Day DIY idea: Sand Vases.

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Beautiful DIY mother day gift 🙂

Clouds of Colour

Hey guys! Another DIY for y’all and just in time for mothers day 🙂 I have been wanting to turn these old jars into vases then had the idea of coating sand on them! I love how subtle this is and keeps in touch with good old nature.

Supplies needed: Old jars, masking tape, sand and glue that will stick to glass ( I used super strength spray glue, the only trouble with this is the vases cant be washed but I found the glue is strong enough to keep the sand on)

Firstly take off any existing labels on the jars then with masking tape make your stripes and coat with glue.

Sprinkle sand evenly over the glue and set to dry. I left it for a few hours but the longer the better. Slowly peel off the masking tape. If the glue and sand start to come off…

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