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If you are like me and  love 7UP and Dew and Coke and all those drinks then you too might have many bottles in spare.

These bottles are not safe for filling drinking water so we should try and so something creative with them, what say?

Lets make a multipurpose holder then..

You will need:

1  Few bottles

2. Cutter

3. Small pipe and screws

5. Drill ( you can also heat and melt the center of the bottle to let the pipe pass though.

6. Super glue

How to do it?

Just cut the bottoms of the bottles and drill the centers.

Pass the pipe through the center and  stick the screws

You can either make a stand for the bottom most bottle or can use the bottle in reverse as a stand.


Use different sizes of bottles..

Try different colours and enjoy..



DIY:Book Box

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DIY : Book box!

A small and cute box to store some of your jewelry is a cute idea, isn’t it?

Well for this you will need:

1. A thick book (buy something from second hand sale)

2. Glue

3. Decoration

Just follow the instructions in the picture!

Innovate and enjoy!



DIY Jewelry holder

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When I see my jewelry all tangled up in the boxes I feel really bad about buying them and not taking care of them.

So I have found a solution and I want to share it with you all.

We will be making a jewelry holder!

For this you will need:

1. Wooden sheet/cardboard/any old frame/ thermocol sheet (use whatever suites est for you)

2. Door knobs/handles/hooks/strings

3. Color/decoration (if you want)

4. Carpentry tools/glue (whichever you find easy)

How to make it:

If you are using sheets attach knobs/hooks/handle to them colour and you are ready to go.

If you are using frame, attach strings and you are done!


Share your jewelry holder with us.

Use the examples given in photographs to find the best suited holder for yourself!

Have fun!!

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