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DIY: T-shirt scarf

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DIY t-shirt scarves are trendy and they can be as funky as you want them to be 🙂

This is the one I made Image

All you need is a t-shirt, a pair of scissors, needle and thread and anything you like for decoration 🙂

How to make your scarf 🙂

1. Cut long strips out of your t-shirt ans stretch them

2. Braid half if you want

3. Connect the ends using a square piece of cloth and stitch it there

4. Decorate as you want 🙂

Isn’t it simple??

and as always innovate 🙂

Use following examples:




DIY: Melted crayon art

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Melted Crayon art is very beautiful and simple.



You will need:

1. Crayons


3. Tape

4. Hair dryer

5. Canvas

How to create a melted crayon art:

A ttach the crayons on the canvas using glue and then tape it.

Let it dry.

Now spread a newspaper and keep the canvas slant with the support of wall or holder and start spraying heat with the dryer.
Thats it..The colours will start falling and you will realize how simple and beautiful it is.

Don’t worry if the colour spills. After all that is the fun part.

Innovate and create beautiful designs. Check out our samples for example.


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