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DIY Ring Holder

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DIY : Ring holder

DIY projects are always fun!

After making generalĀ Jewelry holder and make-up brush holder now we will be making some cool Ring holders šŸ™‚

So are you ready??

You will need:

  1. A case (pot/cardboard box/shoe)
  2. Some fabric
  3. Cardboard pieces

How to make your Ring-holderšŸ™‚

1. Cut the cardboard pieces and wrap them up with the fabric according to the shape and size of your case.

2. Put theseĀ piecesĀ into the case.

3…. šŸ™‚ well there is no 3.. you are done!!

Innovate, beautiful and share your projects with us!!


In the pot

In the shoe

In the box

In the box

In the box

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